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  • This website will host information that is timely and informative for the community of Hobart to partner in helping our students be the best they can be!

    This site will be interactive by offering podcasts and other resources for participants to have an opportunity to connect with the school community. Enjoy this online networking journey!

    Please visit the links to the left or below for a sample of the pursuit of excellence for our students. Of course, the School City of Hobart's website is chalked full of wonderful information to serve our community!



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    The 8 Conditions That Make a Difference
    (MP3) Version (audio only)
    by Dr. Buffington

    The 8 Conditions That Make a Difference
    (MP4) Version (video and audio)
    by Dr. Buffington

    Be There Poster - Watch the ordinary become extraordinary every day - showing images of students working with teachers.

    School City of Hobart and You! "Be There!"

    Journal by the Indiana School Board Association
    Read four installments featuring the School City of Hobart written by Dr. Peggy Buffington by clicking here!

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