• Class of 19 with graduation cap



    Commencement Cermonies for the Class of 2019 will be held outside!

    Due to changes in the forecast we are now able to hold graduation in the Brickyard!

    We are working to change the venue to be ready!



    Graduates need to follow the original arrival times and will still be shuttled from Joan Martin if they are driving themselves. All seniors driving to graduation MUST park at Joan Martin elementary school by 4pm. A shuttle will take graduates to the Brickyard, and will be available to take you back after the ceremony if needed. The shuttle will depart from JM at 4:15 pm. If not driving, graduates must be dropped off at door 19 no later than 4:30. 

    Keep in mind, parking will be extremely limited for guests, so we ask that you please carpool!

    Thank you for joining us for the Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2019!



    Please read! The Graduation Information Letter below from Mrs. Scheuneman and Mr. Munden
    has all the details you need for Graduation!


    Dear Parents / Guardians:

    The faculty and administration of Hobart High School are requesting your cooperation in helping to make the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2019 a memorable and dignified occasion.  I would like to share with you some of the information we have given your son or daughter.


    1. Dress for Commencement: We request that no jeans, gym shoes, orflip-flops be worn. Professional attire is REQUIRED! This includes shirts with collars and ties, dress pants, and dress shoes, blouses, skirts or dresses under the gown. Skirts and dresses must follow the dress code and be of appropriate length. Again, this is a dignified event and it is expected that participants dress appropriately! You may not be allowed to participate if you do not dress according to these guidelines. If you do not have the necessary clothing, please see Mrs. Nelson or Mrs. Roach.

    2. Commencement Rehearsal – May 30, 9 a.m to 11:30 a.m. All graduates are required to attend commencement rehearsal. Ifthe student fails to do so, she/he cannot participate in the ceremony. Please make sure your senior requests off work for the rehearsal and ceremony.

    3. Behavior: Any senior student arriving for commencement under the influence of alcohol/ drugs will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a diploma that evening. Conduct of the seniors should reflect the importance of the ceremony.

    4. Open Houses: We encourage parents (who have open houses) NOT to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years of age. As a reminder, adults who provide alcohol to minors become liable parties if a minor leaves their home after drinking and has an auto accident or causes physical injury or property damage.

    5. Financial Obligations: All Financial obligations for the 2018-2019 school year MUST be paid by Friday, May 24th. Please contact Ms. Harness with any questions, 942-8521 ext. 8003. Any debts prior to this school year must be paid to Attorney Longer’s office (947-1571).

    6. Tickets: Every senior participating in the ceremony will receive six (6) tickets. These will be distributed in the main office on Wednesday, May 23, 2019. Tickets will ONLY be needed if the ceremony is inside. Those with tickets will enter Door 18. Those without tickets may enter door 20, and are welcome to view the ceremony on the screen in our theatre or Great Hall.

    7. In the Fieldhouse Before The Ceremony: Parents, friends or other visitors are NOT ALLOWED in the Fieldhouse on the evening of Graduation. ONLY SENIORS and Graduation personnel are allowed in the Field House before the ceremony.

    8. During the Ceremony: We request that parents, relatives and friends of the seniors keep their seats and the aisle clear during the graduation ceremony. Please do not approach the stage during the recognition so that all can see what is taking place. There will be photographers present to take pictures of your senior receiving his/her diploma. You may purchase these pictures through Classic Photo(see#11).

     9. Parking: Due to construction, parking will be extremely limited this year. All seniors driving to graduation MUST park at Joan Martin elementary school by 4pm. A shuttle will take graduates to the Brickyard, and will be available to take you back after the ceremony if needed. The shuttle will depart from JM at 4:15 pm. If not driving, graduates must be dropped off at door 19 no later than 4:30. We strongly encourage you to carpool to this event. Again, parking will be extremely limited. Handicap parking will be available. You must have the appropriate license plate or identification to park in these spots.

    10. Seating: The seating at The Brickyard will be open. The gates will not open until 4:30pm and seating will be first come, first serve on the bleachers. If you have a person in your party who is unable to sit in the stands due to a physical limitation, please contact Kerry Batistatos at 942-8521, ext. 8023. Special seating for the individual with the limitation and one guest will be provided. You MUST call in advance to ensure this special seating.

    11. Flowers and Concessions: There will be a flower company that will be selling various bouquets and gifts at the ceremony.. This is not only a service to you, but is also a fundraiser. Please consider purchasing yourflowers atthe graduation ceremony.. You may pre-order and pay for flowers at the following link: https://www.thecommencementgroup.com/hobarthighschool/. The flower company will also accept purchases the night of the event. The concession stand closest to the home-side ticket booth will be open for refreshments.

    12. Professional Graduation Pictures: The week of May 13th ,your senior will be receiving order forms for professional cap and gown pictures,and a panoramic group photo taken by ClassicPhoto. There will also be an order form for a DVD of the event. The photos will be ready for pick-up the morning of graduation rehearsal and the DVD will be mailed to you in late June. Classic Photo will also be taking photos of each graduate receiving his/her diploma as they walk across the stage. These photos will be online and may be ordered after the ceremony. For more information, please call Classic Photo at 219-712-3609. All will have their picture taken, so if you decide to order at a later date, you may do so through the photographer.

    13. Senior Parade: Seniors will have the opportunity to participate in the senior graduation parade at the elementary and middle school. During this parade, our seniors walk through the other schools in their caps and gowns to celebrate graduation and show our younger students what the future will hold! The parade will take place on May 17. Permissions slips have been passed out and need to be returned by Thursday, May 16.

    14. Senior Privileges: Senior privileges will take place on Friday, May 17. We will begin with the free senior lunch before the senior parade. After lunch, graduates will also be taking their FORMAL portrait. We will have dual credit stoles, honor cords etc available for those earning them to use for this picture. Once we return from the senior parade to the elementary schools and middle school, students will be allowed to leave. We anticipate that to be around 2:15pm.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this a memorable experience. It has been an honor working with your child at HHS , and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

    Sincerely, Misty Scheuneman and Brett Munden