• Student COVID Vaccination

    We are excited to partner up with the Indiana State Department of Health and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in offering a safe location for our students 16 years and older to receive the COVID vaccination for free.

    The School City of Hobart (SCOH) will provide transportation for our students to the former Roosevelt High School site in Gary and assist in the process. Below are important documents that should be read throroughly and others that MUST be filled out prior to receiving the vaccination.

    Please read the letter from the School City of Hobart in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Health and the Federal Emergency Management Agency which goes over location, dates, transportation, and additional information. 

    Opportunity Letter

    Please read the Handout regarding the Pfizer vaccine.
    Pfizer Vaccine Fact Sheet

    You MUST complete the following in order for your child to receive the vaccination:

    Step 1:
    Complete this Online Registration Form- You MUST complete this form to receive the vaccine. 
    You can let us know if your student needs transportation to the vaccination site on this form also.  SCOH Transportation is not required, just provided as a convenience.

    Step 2:
    Print and complete the Consent Form - Please print and fill out completely.  You can also obtain a copy in the HHS Main Office.
    Your child(ren) will need to bring this with them on May 1st in order to obtain the vaccination. They will not be allowed on the bus if they do not have a consent form.

    **UPDATE from the Indiana State Deprtment of Health - if your student is riding the bus, you do NOT have to schedule an appointment, you only need to select a bus time. They will complete the registration when the student arrives at the facility. Steps 3 and 4 below will not have to be completed. (ONLY if the student is riding the bus).

    If you are transporting your student personally you MUST schedule a time at www.ourshot.in.gov

    Step 3:
    During the week of April 26th, you will receive a text message to schedule your student's appointment.  

    Step 4:
    Once you have selected a time for your appointment, you can complete registration.

    Step 5: Receive the vaccine!  Your student MUST bring the signed Consent Form in order to receive the vaccine if they are younger than 18 years old. 
    If you do not have your signed consent form, you cannot receive the vaccination and you will not be allowed on the bus. 

    Registration must be completed (Step 1 above) NO LATER THAN Monday, April 26th. Late completion will not be accepted.